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New Rays Shirt: The Stable — Throwin’ 98 Since ‘98

“I have a whole damn stable full of guys that throw 98 mph.” - Kevin Cash

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We had to...

When the Yankees couldn’t help but make total fools of themselves, hitting Rays batters and swarming the visitors dugout in New York, manager Kevin Cash and his staff stood between the players and let cooled minds prevail for Tampa Bay.

Along the way, Kevin Cash earned a fine and a one game suspension for his comments after game nine of the ten between the two clubs:

The Yankees pretended to take offense to this before losing their eighth game out of the ten the following day.

A few homeruns, dominant pitching, and the manager’s words ringing in everyone’s ears were all the Rays needed to put the Bronx bombers in their place.

We salute The Stable with this shirt!

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