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Rays Your Voice: Blake Snell Traded! Guest Darby Robinson

Has there ever been a move like this in Major League history?

Dodgers Rays Series Photo by Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

We’re back! After a holiday break, the DRaysBay Podcast Network is back to normally scheduled offseason programming. We just happened to miss one of the biggest trades in franchise history during that break, so Darby and I are here to talk all about it.

A Blake Snell trade was inevitable. Whether it happened now, next year, or the year after that, there was no reality in which Blake Snell pitched with the Rays past the end of this current contract. Despite that knowledge, a good chunk of the Rays fanbase (myself included) were completely blindsided by the news of this trade. There were rumors of Snell being on the market since the beginning of the offseason, but we blatantly disregarded them. “Of course! The Rays are open to trading anyone!” We didn’t think that meant our star lefty with three years remaining on a team-friendly deal.

It did, and the return was exciting. Even if you don’t agree with the merits of the trade, or you’re convinced it was made for financial reasons, Darby and I have a great discussion about the exciting, young players coming back to the Rays, and how the team is shaped up going into 2021.