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Rays Playoff Broadcast Bingo

Coronavirus - Home for the elderly in Neuruppin Photo by Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images

Saying goodbye to the regular season and heading into the playoffs — hopefully for a long run! — is bittersweet. This is, after all, what the team has been working towards all season, so getting to the postseason already signals success.

But the postseason also means shifting from Bally Sports broadcasts to whatever national broadcast crew happens to be thrown our way. I think Rays fans will agree that we are very fortunate to have Brian Anderson and Dewayne Staats calling our regular season games. Their rapport, knowledge of the team and the game, ability to provide wise insight but also moments of humor, makes our local broadcasts informative and enjoyable.

When we move to national broadcasts, however, the team is not always treated so well. Of course the broadcasters haven’t had a chance to get to know the Rays; the lack of national coverage throughout the season makes it even more likely that they will fall back on tired tropes.

Indeed, these tropes are so tired we can probably predict what they will say!

Here, for your playoff enjoyment, we bring you: Rays Playoff Bingo! We invite you to print out this sheet and play along.