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ALWC Reaction, ALDS Preview: DRaysBay Playoff Podcast Series

The AL field is set.

Wild Card Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Winslow Townson/Getty Images

The DRaysBay Playoff Podcast Series is back! While I hope we have just as many episodes as last year, I am grateful for the off days built into the schedule. Last night I was joined by Danny Russell, Darby Robinson, and Brian Menendez to react to the AL Wild Card game, the Rays Invitational if you will, and we discussed what went wrong for the Yankees. With Eovaldi looking unhittable, how lucky are the Rays to only face him once this coming series?

Of course we dive into an ALDS preview and give our opinions on who the last few names on the 26-man roster will be. We already know who will be starting the first three games on the mound, and anything that happens after that will surely be chaos. Lastly we give our predictions for the series and run through the rosters to see which team has an edge, if one exists.

We’ll have new episodes after every Rays postseason game so make sure to subscribe to our podcast network if you want each episode downloaded directly to your device. If you enjoy what we do, rating and reviewing our podcast network is the best way to spread what we do to more and more Rays fans. Let’s have one hell of an October!