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Watch MLB Network’s Broadway tribute to the 2021 ALDS

To celebrate the American League Divisional Series for 2021, MLB Network has a broadway musical number that sports quite a few Rays caps and is worth your time.

A pleasant, classic Broadway ballad gives way after the first 90-seconds to a more Hamilton-esque tribute to the four teams competing for the American League pennant.

Featuring Will Wells as the composer and a special appearance from Kristin Chenoweth as perhaps the director of this production, this opening number compares Broadway and all the theatrical moments that come with it to the MLB Postseason over the history of the game.

In the piece, the Tampa Bay Rays are called the “Small-Market Killers” and yeah, that plays.

Game 2 of the ALDS begins at 7:00 tonight of FS1, where a packed out Tropicana Field will be ready for another win against the Boston Red Sox.

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