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ALDS game 2 Diary: Doesn’t get much worse than this

Rays go from highest highs to lowest lows in Game 2 of the ALDS.

Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

ALDS game 2 is set!!!

1st Inning

Shane Baz allowed an early walk to Schwarber, and got into an early trouble with the first extra base hit of the series. Baz couldn’t resist and Xander got an RBI single to make a 1-0 ballgame. The next AB Verdugo ripped a ball to center field to make a 2-0 ballgame.

Baz got a BIG double play to end the top of the first. Rays get out of early trouble and they come up to bat.

Rakes All Night Day Year, on the first pitch Randy gets a base hit with a bullet to SS Xander Bogaerts. Wander Franco is a machine!!! he takes a base hit to right field to put mans on fist and second.

Is Randy’s world we are just living in it...

Sale didn’t want any part on Nelly, and the bases are loaded. Yandy delivers!!!!! base hit to right side of the infield and the Trop is rocking.


Me when I saw the ball right of Luplow’s bat:

POV: You have watched this 10 times already.

After almost 40 minutes the first inning is over.

2nd Inning

Right around the beginning of the inning we witnessed a murder live on Twitter, take a look.

Shane Baz settled in nicely by just allowing a base hit to Vazquez and then gets 3 outs in a row.

Are the Red Sox using an opener? For the second straight the Sox take out their starting pitcher before the conclusion of the 2nd inning. Rays go 1-2-3 after a clean inning by Houck.

3rd Inning

Devers just hit a line drive to left center and KK SNATCHED the ball out of mid air!!!

Me when KK got that:

Xander hit a no doubter to left field, and he has the whole Trop booing. That’s the night for Baz with a final stat line of 2.1 IP 6 H 3 R 3 ER 1 BB 2 K 1 HR. The Nascar comes in and immediately gives up a homer off the bat of Verdugo. Rays finally get out of the 3rd but it wasn’t pretty.

Houck struck out the side and the offense looked terrible, Rays must stop the Sox’s momentum because they are gaining it.

4th Inning

Shane’s dad has spent some hours at the gym.

McHugh’s slider looks ridiculous as of now and he gets the Red sox in 14 pitches. Rays fans watching McHugh’s slider in the 4th, but also Shane’s dad:

Houck has retired 9 in a row, the offense has looked out of sync since the first inning. The offense needs to get back on track, Rays are not working good at- bats neither getting any good contact.

5th Inning

The game is tied and the Rays are going downhill in a big way, Kike hits a line drive and ties everything up in the 5th.

Wisler will try to take the rest of the inning, after McHugh and Baz combined for 4+ innings with 5 earned runs, not the start that we were hoping for. 2 consecutive hits for the Sox the inning doesn’t look very promising.

The frustration is eating me up, a little bit like this...

And the game is going downhill, JD takes Wisler deep with a 3 run shot, 8-5 ball game.

I believe Cash made a big mistake by putting Wisler on, he has a very similar pitch mix to McHugh and the Sox were crushing the slider when it was hung in the zone, and they did the same with Wisler.

However, the second name of this team is the comeback kids!!! SO LET’S KEEP ON GOING.

KK fouls out in a 2-0 count, Randy grounds out to 3B, and Franco finally gets on base for the first time since the FIRST inning, the best 20 year old in the majors keeps raking. Lowe grounds out to 2B and the Rays are retired. Houck looks better than prime Cole and Degrom combined.

6th Inning

David Robertson comes to the game and gets ex Rays prospect Christian Arroyo to get a much needed first out. Robertson gets Schwarber with a great curve and he strikes out. Kike gets a double off the very top of the wall, the stable looks like the Orioles pitching this season. Devers walks and Robertson looked to have an easy inning, but he got into a big trouble. Xander fouls out and the Rays come to bat.

Cruz, Diaz and Choi are due up, hope they can put the Rays back in the game.

Cruz fouls out 15 feet before the foul pole and Verdugo makes a spectacular catch to record the first out. Yandy flies out to right field, however, at least Rays bats are putting the ball in play.

As of now Ji Man hit a homer!!! but it appears that a fan reached for the ball to the field, I believe there is no evidence to rule that a double, however we must wait. THE UMPS GAVE THE HOMER 8-6 BALLGAME. WE ARE BACK.

Margot flies out, but there is plenty of time to come back. GO RAYS!!!!

7th Inning

Wacha is in and just like that he gives a base hit to Verdugo — Wander made an incredible play but Verdugo’s speed was too much.

JD gets a base hit, the 7th is not looking good. Wacha gets ta big double play, which is tuned perfectly by Lowe. An important out coming up so the Rays can be back one offense and keep working. Vasquez gets a base hit 9-6 ballgame. Arroyo bunts and he is out Sox leave a man, Rays will try to come back once again.

7th inning stretch Rays down 9-6.

Brasier is on for the Red Sox, Rays will be looking to get all over him. Although Z can’t connect and strikes out for the second time. hmm.

Number 39 the designated outfielder obviously strikes out. Randy doesn’t rake this time and strikes out, Sox are very close to tying up the series. Woof.

8th Inning

Wacha strike out Schwarber with a NASTY circle change, best pitch from the staff in the night.

Kike hits another double, you hear correctly another one his third on the night. Devers hits a moonshot to center, Rays fans are heading to the exits. Red sox lead 11-6 ??

Wacha retires the next and we are into the bottom of the 8th.

Only positive note from today 37,000+ at the trop.

Rays are playing soooooo bad that even Wander struck out. Lowe strikes out, Nelly gets an infield single, and Diaz flies out to deep right center. The Rays are retired once again.

9th Inning

Lightning players picked a bad game to watch...

Boston had their best hitting day by a mile, hope Cash can make the right adjustments. Sox keep on adding 12- 6 ballgame. Red Sox are retired in an inning that appear to have no ending, 14-6 ballgame.

In other words, this was the Rays pitching today:

Wacha trying to enter into the club’s facilities tomorrow:

That’s your ball game folks, Rays lose 14-6.

Rays drop game 2 as nothing clicked tonight outside the first inning. Tomorrow Rays are shipping up to Boston. This was the worst pitching performance of the season. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Good night everyone, we will get them next time.