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Tyler Glasnow on Wander Franco extension: “Could have gotten more.”

A clubhouse leader offers a tongue-in-cheek reaction.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Glasnow, the Rays player representative for the union, is a regular guest on the Chris Rose Rotation podcast, and recorded his latest appearance shortly after news broke that Wander Franco had signed a 12-year deal that could reach $223 million.

Glasnow was recording with Chris Rose and White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito when Rose asked the Rays ace recovering from Tommy John surgery for his reaction, and Glasnow was quick to say Franco, “Could have gotten more.”

Tyler Glasnow also noted that “it’s an amazing” deal for Franco, even if it “doesn’t guarantee” Franco will be in Tampa Bay for all 12 years, an apparent reference to the Rays trading players who sign long term deals before they expire.

Chris Rose:

We are taping this on the day that Wander Franco just got a [quarter] billion dollar extension from your Tampa Bay Rays. On the “oh shit” meter when you heard that he his extension is minimum $185 mil and could get up to $223, what was your reaction?

Tyler Glasnow:

Could have gotten more. [...] I talk to Erik [Neander] too, this is like the best baseball player I’ve ever seen, per age, compared to skill. And what he did in the playoffs.

Like no moment’s too big for him. He was amazing in the regular season, but when I saw him in the postseason I was like, “this kid is the most real, like raw.” He’s so good at baseball. He was like made to play baseball.

Clearly, I’m partly joking about like making more. He could have. But it’s an amazing deal. It kind of gives him less stress. He can just go out play, have fun. And it’s nice to know you’re gonna be somewhere for a while too. It doesn’t guarantee him the 12 years that he’s going to be there but to know he probably like buy a house now and just kind of settle his feet. So I’m happy for him.

Lucas Giolito:

Yeah, he’s like one of those guys that doesn’t come along very often that has no fear at all. And just like shows up to the big leagues like, ”yep! this where I belong,” at like whatever age super young, right? 20 years old, he made his debut? Yeah, that’s like a Juan Soto type, you know?


Good in the clubhouse too. Carries himself really well. Like when I was 20 I can barely tie my shoes. I was always just so scared to walk around and make someone mad.

And he’s just like so good at navigating all of that. I think there’s a lot of it too he’s not a dick in any way. But he just kind of like he knows he’s good and he’s like, I don’t care if I like offend anyone and he’s too nice too, but he’s got along with everyone. He’s done really well.

The full episode of the podcast will drop next week.