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2022 DRaysBay Community Prospect List No. 6

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Curtis Mead skyrocketed up the list with a breakout 2021 season.

Scottsdale Scorpions v Mesa Solar Sox Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Previous winner

IF Curtis Mead (R/R, 6’2 171, 21 in 2022)

2021 statistics with Low-A Charleston, High-A Bowling Green, and Triple-A Durham: 458 PA, .321/.378/.533, 55 XBH, 15 HR, 11-for-15 SB, 7.4 BB%, 15.5 K%

Rather than risk losing him for nothing in the rule 5 draft, the Rays traded lefty Cristopher Sanchez to the Phillies for Mead in 2019. Among prospects with 400-plus plate appearances, he was 10th in average, and he led the minors in doubles. He has good power potential but doesn’t have to sell out for it — he makes consistent, hard contact and rarely strikes out. His future defensive home is a question, but his bat plays in a lot of places.

After three consecutive lopsided votes, I suspect this one will be a little closer.

I’ll accept up to two testers. If more than two players get nominated, use recs to help choose who will get selected. Please only nominate one player per comment.

2022 Community Prospect List

Rank Player Votes Total Percentage Last season
Rank Player Votes Total Percentage Last season
1 RHP Shane Baz 24 28 85.7% 6
2 OF Josh Lowe 16 34 47.1% 8
3 IF/OF Vidal Brujan 23 36 63.9% 3
4 RHP Taj Bradley 19 27 70.4% 26
5 IF Curtis Mead 20 28 71.4% 40
6 SS Greg Jones 17 36 47.2% 14
7 2B Xavier Edwards 9 26 34.6% 9
8 RHP Tommy Romero 11 25 44.0% NR
9 SS Carlos Colmenarez 6 23 26.1% 15
10 RHP Seth Johnson 7 23 30.4% 20
11 SS Carson Williams 16 29 55.2% NA
12 LHP Ian Seymour 12 20 60.0% 29
13 IF Jonathan Aranda 16 26 61.5% NR
14 RHP Cole Wilcox 10 23 43.5% 13
15 OF Kameron Misner 10 22 45.5% NA
16 OF Heriberto Hernandez 8 21 38.1% 12
17 SS Willy Vasquez 9 25 36.0% NR
18 RHP JJ Goss 8 23 34.8% 19

IF Jonathan Aranda (L/R, 5’10 173, 24 in 2022)

2021 statistics with High-A Bowling Green and Double-A Montgomery: 411 PA, .330/.418/.543, 14 HR, 41 XBH, 10.2 BB%, 18.5 K%

Prior to 2021, Aranda was a decent but unremarkable performer. In 2021, he became a 40-man-roster lock with a tremendous season. He was one of the top hitters in the organization, making consistent contact with a good plate approach and showing improved power. Which position he should play remains a question, but his bat demands that he be in the lineup somewhere.

SS Carlos Colmenarez (L/R, 5’10 170, 18 in 2022)

2021 statistics with Dominican Summer League Rays 1: 113 PA, .247/.319/.289, 3 XBH, 7/13 SB, 7.1 BB%, 36.5 K%

Although the numbers in his pro debut are unimpressive, Colmenarez dealt with a hamate injury that delayed his start to the season. That has historically affected a player’s power in particular. He was perhaps the top player in the 2020 international class with all five tools average or better. He has a great chance to stick at shortstop, and his bat gives him a high ceiling.

2B Xavier Edwards (S/R, 5’10 175, 22 in 2022)

2021 statistics with Double-A Montgomery: 337 PA, .302/.377/.368, 19-for-30 SB, 13 2B, 16 XBH, 10.7 BB%, 12.5 K%

After missing the first month of the season on the injured list, Edwards was as advertised in his first season playing games in the organization. He hit a ton of singles, demonstrated a good plate approach, and showed enough speed to steal bases. There was almost no power to speak of, although he did hit a homer in the postseason. He didn’t play an inning at shortstop but did play a fair amount of games at third base.

SS Greg Jones (S/R, 6’2 175, 24 in 2022)

2021 statistics with High-A Bowling Green and Double-A Montgomery: 317 PA, .270/.366/.482, 14 HR, 26 XBH, 34/36 SB, 10.4 BB%, 30.3 K%

Jones has some of the best tools in the organization, and he showed them when he was healthy in 2021. He stole a base nearly every other game he played and was only caught twice. He also showed off impressive power potential for a middle-of-the-diamond player. However, the strikeouts will need to come down. Defensively, he has the athleticism and arm to play anywhere, but center field might be his best fit.

RHP Tommy Romero (6’2 225, 24 in 2022)

2021 statistics with Double-A Montgomery and Triple-A Durham: 110 13 IP, 2.61 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, 7.1 BB%, 33.3 K%

Romero remained one of the best statistical pitchers in the minors in 2021. He was tied for 19th in strikeouts, and he maintained his impressive control. With a low-90s fastball and average changeup and breaking ball, he should get his chance in the majors soon. In the roster shuffling leading up to the rule 5 draft deadline, the Rays opted to add him to the 40-man roster.

RHP Cole Wilcox (6’5 232, 22 in 2022)

2021 statistics with Low-A Charleston: 44 13 IP, 2.03 ERA, 0.86 WHIP, 2.9 BB%, 29.9 K%

Wilcox impressed in his pro debut, but he had Tommy John surgery in September and is likely missing the entire 2022 season. When he pitched, he worked with a mid-90s fastball and plus slider. His changeup needs improvement. He showed drastically improved control from the start of his college career.

SS Carson Williams (R/R, 6’2 180, 19 in 2022)

2021 statistics with Florida Coast League Rays: 47 PA, .282/.404/.436, 5 XBH, 2/4 SB, 12.8 BB%, 27.7 K%

Williams was the Rays’ top pick in the 2021 draft, and he had a nice debut in a limited number of plate appearances. He has a nice all-around toolset, and all five tools could be average or better, led by his arm for the left side of the infield. He could stay at shortstop. If he doesn’t, his power potential would allow him to profile at other positions. He also has decent speed.