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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Yep, still locked out

Is a future as a bat girl/boy for you?

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Baseball Elements Photo by 2021 Diamond Images via Getty Images

Hope you all are having a great holiday season. The links are a little skimpy this week because Christmas. As always, if you find anything interesting that I’ve missed, drop it in the comments.

Baseball America breaks down the Rays farm system.

The Delmon Young trade tree makes an appearance in this piece from

The Rays are looking for bat people.

From MLB Trade Rumors, what’s left for the Rays after the lockout.

Cody Bellinger, who hit .165 last year, signed a one year, $17M deal with the Dodgers. How were they able to pull this off during a lockout? Apparently they finalized the deal before the lockout started, and they’re just now getting around to announcing it? Sure Jan dot gif.

The A’s hire Mark Kotsay.

The latest on Trevor Bauer.

Baseball trivia!

Why does this John Wayne Gacy thing look like Sam the Eagle?

Drunk ump in Mexico gets ejected, flips off fans, and gets Angel Hernandez trending.

So if this baseball thing doesn’t get worked out, maybe we can become cricket fans?

Dibs on silly mid-off!