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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Buck O’Neil is finally a Hall of Famer

Buck O’Neil headlines six new Hall of Famers, Joey Wendle is traded, and the owners lock out the players.

Kansas City Monarchs Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Some light housekeeping before we get to the news. Going forward, the View from the Catwalks will be limited to a weekly feature, on Mondays, assembled by me. So if you see any interesting stories, feel free to tweet them at me or email me a link.


On Sunday evening, the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced six new members would be inducted in 2022: Negro League legends Buck O’Neil (finally!) and Bud Fowler via the Early Baseball Era Committee, and Minnie Miñoso, Tony Oliva, Jim Kaat, and Gil Hodges via the Golden Days Era Committee.

Unfortunately, Dick Allen fell one vote shy (again).

Meanwhile, HOF ballots for the regular order (?) elections are trickling in. As always, Ryan Thibodaux is your source for how that’s progressing.

Just in front of the deadline, and right before the lockout started, my heart was ripped from my chest when Joey Wendle was dealt to the Marlins for outfield prospect Kameron Misner.

All the best to Joey Forearms and his family!

As for the return, here’s a Fish Stripe piece by Spencer Morris from this past September where he goes into whether Kameron Misner has turned a corner.

Of course, Wendle wasn’t the only player on the move last week.

As expected by literally everyone, the owners locked out the players at midnight on December 1st. It is the first labor stoppage since baseball nearly destroyed itself in 1994/95. Sporting News has a good breakdown on baseball’s labor history in baseball and how we got here.

Because of the lockout, there have been changes on MLB’s webpage, the biggest likely being the decision to pull down all photos of active players. The players responded in solidarity by pulling their own profile pictures from social media. But nobody did this better than “Crazy Eyes” Pete Fairbanks.

Rob Manfred wrote a letter to fans. Yawn.

The Players Union also wrote a letter.

The Rays emailed their own statement to the fans. It used the same “defensive lockout” language that Manfred did.

This is a good look at the deal players have.

Enough of that labor nonsense. Our own Homin caught some fun clips of Ji-Man Choi playing in a charity game. Switch hitting!

And pitching!

Mayor Krisemen announced that Miami’s Midtown Development will redevelop the Trop site.

Russell Carleton, who has previously voiced doubts about the efficacy of the shift, also has doubts about the opener.

R.J. Anderson with a piece on college coaches embracing the data revolution.

Lastly, Daisuke Matsuzaka retired over the weekend.