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Who’s on Worst: a new DRaysBay podcast

Prepare your ears, there’s a new podcast in town

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about what baseball movies I believed were the worst of the worst, and there was a mixed bag of responses (a lot of you are For Love of the Game fans, I was surprised to learn). But the most impressive thing I got from the reaction was how many OTHER bad baseball movies were out there, just waiting to be suffered through.

With that, a new idea was born, and the result is a brand new podcast on the DRaysBay podcast network: Who’s on Worst?

Join Darby Robinson, Brett Rutherford, and me as we explore a LOT of bad baseball movies. New episodes will go up every two weeks.

In our first ever ep, we chatted about 1994’s The Scout starring Albert Brooks and Brendan Fraser. We hope you enjoy listening to our misery, and welcome suggestions for future episode material!