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DRB Podcast Special: All-Time Rays Player Draft, Part 2

As we wrap up the draft, the crew is forced to take some (Devil) Rays deep cuts.

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

As we progressed through the draft, it became increasingly difficult to find players we remembered, let alone wanted on our teams. After several quick BRef searches, many of the greatest Rays folk heroes were snatched up as well as impact relievers from the playoff runs of yesteryear.

We had our very own JT Morgan, a writer who was not involved in the draft, seed these teams using a formula he has chosen to not reveal publicly. Based on these seedings, we attempted to evenly distribute the teams into three groups for the voting process. Each group represents a first-round poll on Twitter and the team with the most votes from each group will automatically advance to the playoff. If your favorite team finished second in their group, you will have one more chance to vote them into the playoff in our wild card round.

After that, we will have a semi-final and final round, which will crown our champion in the All-Time Rays Player Draft. The groups are listed below, and the voting will commence on Twitter later today (@DRaysBay).

Group Blue:

(1) Strange Hill to Die On

(6) Recency Biases

(9) WAR, What is it Good For?

Group Gold:

(2) K.C.R.E.A.M

(5) Slippin’ Jimmy’s Rays

(8) PodRays

Group White:

(3) Baseball is Fun

(4) Cuban Sandwiches

(7) Controversial Short Tenures

(10) Tampa Bay Baseball Club