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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Tiger, Willy & KK, and a return of the arm clock

Spring Training is well underway.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays-Workouts Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

In non-baseball news, Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a one-car accident yesterday. He is recovering from surgery after having a rod inserted in his leg.

In Spring Training News, Cash and Neander held a socially distant press conference.

KK is “thrilled” to be here.

Adam Berry says the Rays are ready for a sequel.

Willy is also happy to be back after a winter of trade rumors.

More from Topper:

A fun new visualization on the arm clock graphic. Will be interesting to see how this updates when we have data on the new arms.

Steve Carney with the latest Under the Orange Roof podcast.

Andrea Arcadipane with a breakdown on Michael Wacha.

Old friend alert! The thought of Longo and Kaz on the same team again gives me warm fuzzies.

The stats on Twin’s outfield Jake Cave’s beard.

More from the Twins. They seem fun.

Aaron Judge has a new set of teeth.

Gerritt Cole should maybe spend less time worrying about Cash’s decision making and more time figuring out how to get Ji-Man Choi out? Just a suggestion.

Dan Schoenfield on who had the best and worst offseason.

After a disastrous Zoom with the Bellevue Rotary, where he insulted almost everyone, Kevin Mather is finally out in Seattle. Our friends at Lookout Landing tell us the Ms problems go far beyond Mather, however.

And of course, these issues also go beyond the Mariners org. Here is a good read from Views from 314 feet.

Finally, puppies!