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Rays Your Voice: Construction of the 2021 Pitching Staff, with Darby Robinson

How will the Rays put together their 1,450-piece puzzle?

Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Games are underway in Spring Training, and as of right now * knocking on wood *, there is no major injury news to report. Hooray!

In this episode, Darby and I take a deeper look at how the Rays will construct their pitching staff in 2021 after a flurry of Major League signings make the Opening Day roster look more solidified, and adds some question marks to the outlooks for some of the younger arms.

The biggest challenge is going from a 60-game schedule to a 162-game schedule with two fewer roster spots. Kyle Snyder has said that they need to view the total innings this year as a puzzle, and they aren’t quite sure how that puzzle will be put together yet. Darby and I will give our predictions by setting some total innings numbers for each potential starting/bulk pitcher and then guessing whether they will go over or under that total.