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New Rays shirt: Rich Hill Yeah!

Ridiculous? Yes. Are we making this happen? Also yes.

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It brings me great pleasure to tell you that RAYS SHIRTS ARE BACK BABY.

A new season is here and new players, which means our partnership with BreakingT is back as well. The first player up from the 2021 season?

A veteran I hope we all grow to know and love, Rich Hill.

Get your Rich “Hill Yeah” shirt HERE

This one came from a special request for BreakingT to execute on, and I think they delivered with this one!

Was I anticipating yelling Hill Yeah!! at my TV before this shirt came out? I don’t think so... but will I now? You bet your shiny ALCS William Harridge Trophy I will.

If you have a player you’d like to see celebrated with a shirt, drop it in the comments.

Hill Yeah!