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View from the Catwalks: The Rays slide into last place in the AL

A big momentum rivalry series in the Bronx awaits the struggling Rays

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays are currently in 15th (out of 15) place in the AL. The Yankees are only a hair better at 13th place. A pivotal series between the two teams most expected to be the top teams in all of the AL will fight it out to stay out of the incredibly early-season gutter.

The thing about baseball is, it’s easy to predict and you can always expect what happens.

By the numbers, the Rays have gotten off to a brutal start:

  • The Rays have led for just 33 12 innings out of 117 innings
  • 0-3 in Extra inning games
  • 4-8 by Pythagorean expectancy (based on run differential). So the Rays are technically overachieving

The good news? Well, it’s been two weeks and there are 149 games remaining. The Yankees and Blue Jays are also off to mediocre to bad starts. Also, the Rays did almost exactly the same thing last year. No seriously, it’s freaky:

if you remember, what happened next in 2020 was a massive 3 out of 4 wins vs New York and then a huge 4 game sweep of Boston at Fenway. So perhaps history will continue to rhyme and this time a trip into the Bronx is just what is needed.

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