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Tampa Bay Rays News & Links: I’m cold just watching these guys play

Rays win a slugfest, Zack Hample wipes out, rain in Cincinnati

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In a sloppy slug/error fest last night in chilly Kansas City, the Rays knocked off the Royals 14-7. The game featured back-to-back dingers from Zuninio and Meadows, lots of misplays from Whit Merrifield, and — well a whole lot of other stuff. That’s how you get to 14-7. The win improved the Rays to 10-8, planting them firmly second place in the AL East, two games behind Boston.

Speaking of standings, this is funny.

At least the Rays and Royals didn’t have to play through the rain like the Reds and Diamondbacks did last night. It was an embarrassing and dangerous situation as they played on with crew chief Jerry Meals refusing to stop play. Play was finally suspended in the eighth inning and will resume today.

I could have sworn KC trips were brutal, but I guess not? At least not lately.

Here’s a fun article from Fangraphs’ Justin Choi on Michael Wacha about the changes he’s made this year.

Adam Berry on Josh Fleming.

Neil Walker is retiring.

Topper on the upcoming homestand.

Jayson Stark of the Athletic on the Blue Jays.

Ken Rosenthal on Ohtani’s...baserunning?

One more reminder that if you haven’t read Tom Verducci’s piece in SI about baseball and mental health during COVID, you really should.

Baseball is healing.

Rich Hill doesn’t think baseball needs “Mickey Mouse” fixes.

Gary Sheffield doesn’t watch baseball anymore.

Tyler Glasnow wants a World Series ring (duh).

This sounds fun!

MLB’s statement in the wake of Derrick Chauvin’ conviction for murdering George Floyd.

Tony Clark has a bit more from the Players Association.

Finally, a pallet cleanse. Just give this dog his treat, man.