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Randy Arozarena dubbed “AIRozarena” after stellar outfield catch

You know what comes next!

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Randy Arozarena has moved from left field to right field this season multiple times this season as the Rays have covered for the loss of Kevin Kiermaier to injury, and man has he delivered.

Now he has a new nickname — and a new shirt! — AIRozarena

Instantly tabbed as one of the best catches of the year by ESPN’s broadcast, that was covering the game and watching Arozarena closely, this catch was a web gem for the ages.

And now, of course, it’s celebrated as a shirt!

But Randy wasn’t done — later on in the game he kept putting his defense on display, proving he’s more than just a formidable bat anchoring the Rays lineup.

Come on, now! And to think he’d prepared for his introduction to Fenway park in left field.

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Go Rays!