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Who’s on Worst: Rookie of the Year

We promise, we are pretty nice about this one.

Thomas Ian Nicholas In ‘Rookie Of The Year’ Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images

There are a surprising number of older baseball movies targeted towards kids. When we put out the poll for this episode, we were secretly hoping to be able to ruin one of your childhood favorites, but if you’re here for a bit of schadenfreude, I’m sorry to tell you you’re going to be disappointed.

Brett, Darby, and Ashley watched the 1993 kids move Rookie of the Year, in which 12-year-old Henry is suddenly the only thing filling the seats at Wrigley Field, and a money-hungry would-be new manager is bent on using Henry’s unexpected fastball to sell out the rest of the Cubs season.

With the exception of some things we were not the target audience for, the movie aged pretty well, and dare we say, we all enjoyed our re-watch.

Join us as we dive into the only move Daniel Stern ever directed, and the very likely reason Thomas Ian Nicholas was able to book American Pie.