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Rays 3, Mets 2: Phillips activates airplane mode

Oh yes, they managed the win. Yes the did.

New York Mets v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Run support, two little words that we often hear attached to the New York Mets. The Mets need more run support. Why can’t the Mets provide Jacob deGrom run support? Well, in through the early innings of tonight’s game, the Mets scored the runs, and Rays fans were left wondering, “where is Tyler Glasnow’s run support?”

Glasnow, excepting a particularly bad fifth inning, had a great night. Unfortunately, that one bad inning was all the Mets needed to gain the lead, and the Rays were simply unable to make anything happen offensively to help Glasnow out.

Rather than go inning by inning through this one, we’ll just hit the highlights of what happened, because to be totally honest the first six innings of this game were basically a speed-run of a game, and there wasn’t a ton to make it stand out.

Glasnow was untouchable through the first four innings, and he didn’t allow a single baserunner or walk through four innings (you could tell based on Willy Adames’s reaction in the fifth inning how disappointed he was to see a perfect game broken up). The fifth, unfortunately, was where things got ugly.

First, a Kevin Pillar single (you thought we were done with him after he left the AL East, but nooooo). Then Villar came on, and wouldn’t you know it, a two-run home run, giving the Mets the first runs of the game. With the bases cleared, McCann singled. Side note here, but I feel very, very old hearing BA refer to James McCann as a “veteran” catcher when I remember his call-up with the Tigers. Peraza singled, putting two men on, but Glasnow was able to calm himself down and end the inning.

It would be an injustice in terms of baseball to not mention that Mets pitcher David Peterson was really, really good. One single in the bottom of the first was quickly erased as Manuel Margot got caught on an attempted steal. The second inning was his only real time of struggle as he gave up a double to Diaz, a walk to Adames, and a walk to Zunino to start the inning with bases loaded and only one out. It was an incredible opportunity for the Rays to score, and they just weren’t able to capitalize on it.

Innings six, seven, and eight were a return to form with Glasnow back in the killer mindset, allowing no hits or walks. On one particular strikeout in the eighth Francisco Lindor couldn’t do anything but smile and shake his head as he struck out.

And then, the bottom of the eighth saw our favorite home run hero Mike Zunino go for a solo bomb to lead off the inning, bringing the Rays within one run (literally no one was more excited about this run than Kevin Kiermaier in the dugout). Padlo followed it with a stand-up double, which was actually his first big league hit ever.

The appearance of Randy Arozarena chased Peterson from the game, but credit where it’s due, he was quite the competitor throughout the game. Really nice classic pitcher’s duel. Trevor May came on in relief for the Mets.

Additional side note here, but Brian Knight the home plate umpire took a foul ball right to the mask and I don’t care who you are but that is ROUGH looking. A Margot double right down the left-field line scored Padlo, and suddenly it was a tie game.

Glasnow, who had gone eight innings was done for the night with a final line of 8.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 1 HR on 105 pitches. Pete Fairbanks came on in relief, just in time for a Pete-Pete faceoff as Pete Alonso took the plate for the Mets. Pete won. Uh... Fairbanks. This wasn’t really worthy of note I just like that they’re both named Pete.

A Willy Adames error in the ninth kept the inning alive (poor guy’s hand got a little further ahead in blocking the ball and the ball bounced off his hand instead of into the glove) but the Rays ended the inning on the next at bat.

In the ninth Brandon Lowe collected a walk, then Willy Adames hit an absolute laser towards center-right and the Mets decided to review the Lowe run to third. The safe call remained and the Rays has a man 90 feet away. Mike Zunino was walked, and the bases were loaded for the Rays and LO, WHAT’S THIS? JOSEPH WENDLE. Respect to Wendle for trying to lean into a very inside pitch, but he was ultimately struck out.

Brett Phillips came on and YOU BET HE TURNED ON AIRPLANE MODE. Almost immediately he hit a single to right and the Rays walked it off in the ninth. God, I love the Brett Phillips Does Fun Baseball Things show.

Final: Rays 3, Mets 2