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Rays 2, Royals 1: Walking off winners

An absolute dazzler by Tyler Glasnow went to extras.

Kansas City Royals v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

If efficient pitching is something you enjoy, then this was doubtlessly a very exciting game for you. For about four innings and a little way into the fifth, it seemed like Tyler Glasnow might want to try to do A Thing™ but he did finally give up a hit, so we had to be satisfied with what turned out to be just some wonderful, quality pitching overall.

1-2-3 felt like the theme of this game as innings came and went with very little in the way of hits, but we did get to see some fairly dazzling defense from the Rays, like this very, very unlikely-to-be-made catch from Brett Phillips.

Through the first inning neither Glasnow or Mike Minor allowed a single baserunner. It wasn’t until the bottom of the second that the Rays got their first man aboard in the shape of a Manuel Margot single, then a Brosseau walk. Neither man scored, but it was the start of a lot of LOBsters for the Rays.

Again in the third Tyler Glasnow went three up three down, and in the bottom of the inning both Diaz and Meadows walked, but neither man scored.

The Rays got themselves another walk in the fourth, and then scored the game’s first run off a Mike Zunino RBI.

When we arrived in the fifth, Glasnow saw his first batter reach base on a Modesi single, but the Royals did not score. In the bottom of the inning it was clear the Rays were feeling a bit aggressive in wanting to add to their run total. Arozarena reached first safely on an error from third baseman Guitierrez, and then feeling like luck was on his side was caught stealing. In spite of his best efforts to sell that he was safe, he was definitely out.

In the sixth, Glasnow gave up his first walk to Whit Merrified, who then stole second on a wild pitch. Figuring “it worked the first time, let’s do it again” Merrifield then also stole third. But Glasnow was able to keep the damage limited to the one baserunner, and no runs scored.

Greg Holland relieved Minor in the bottom of the sixth and gave up one walk to Brosseau but LOBsters going to LOB.

A walk to Soler was the only activity of note for either side in the seventh, and entering the top of the eighth it seems like Glasnow might potentially get himself a Maddux, but he crossed the century mark with a single to Merrifield and a few longer at-bats. Still, an absolutely sensational outing from Glasnow.

It briefly seemed as if Glasnow might get a chance to wrap up the complete game, but it ended after eight with a final line of 8.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 11 K on 102 pitches. New arrival J.P. Feyereisen came on in the ninth to hopefully close out the one-run game. Aaaand he did not. He gave up a solo home run to Andrew Benintendi. Run support sure would have been nice in a situation like this.

Anyway, into the bottom of the ninth with fingers and toes crossed for a walk-off.

A one-out walk to Joey Wendle brought up home-run leader Mike Zunino. Zunino walked on four, and suddenly there was a runner in scoring position with clutch hero Brett Phillips coming up next. Phillips struck out, and Kiermaier was the Rays last hope in the ninth. Unfortunately with two men on, no runs scored and onto extras we go.

A long out to center advanced the automatic baserunner Kiermaier to third, Meadows was intentionally walked, and then Margot made them pay with a single that scored Kiermaier.

Rays walk it off in 10.

Final Score: Rays 2, Royals 1.