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Who’s on Worst: Mr. Baseball

At least there’s baseball in this one!

Tom Selleck In ‘Mr. Baseball’ Photo by Universal/Getty Images

Who’s on Worst is back! We took a slight hiatus for some other projects (surely you noticed an uptick in incredible guests on Rays Your Voice!) but now that the season is in gear we’ve returned to our regularly scheduled programming... which means more bad movie chatter.

On Twitter we asked listeners which internationally-themed baseball movie they wanted up to tackle, and the runaway winner was Mr. Baseball, the 1992 comedy (?) about a fish-out-of-water baseball superstar finding a new place for himself in Japan.

Admittedly, after watching the corny trailer set to “Turning Japanese” we had some concerns about how this movie would work with the cultural aspects, but ultimately found ourselves a little surprised at the overall handling. What wasn’t so great was the pacing, and oh God, the noodle slurping scene.

So get ready to watch a 90s throwback like no other, and if your mom liked Tom Selleck in the 80s/90s, she’ll love this flick and its unrelenting need to make him appear shirtless in every other scene.


PS - If you have a hankering to read the story Brett talks about at the end of this episode, you can find it here.