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Rays Your Voice: Guest RJ Anderson on whether the Rays are good and potential trade targets

Wander Franco for Shohei Ohtani straight up, who says no?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of Rays Your Voice, Danny and I are joined by RJ Anderson of CBS Sports to talk about the Rays season thus far, and how the roster might change before the July 31st trade deadline. Although we throw out some unrealistic ideas for who the Rays could get for Wander Franco, we take a look around the league for options that the team could acquire to try and improve on the margins.

We ask RJ if he’s shocked by the team’s performance so far, and if it’s sustainable. We also debate whether or not the front office expected the team to be performing at this level, and what they expect out of players like Rich Hill for the rest of the year.

Tomorrow, Who’s on Worst is back with Ashley, Darby, and myself reviewing David Mickey Evans’ Sandlot 2, and it might be one of the most horrendous movies we’ve watched. On most review podcasts that would be a bad thing, but we eat up terrible movies like theater popcorn on Who’s on Worst. Hope you all enjoy.