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Rays Your Voice: Wander Franco promoted, guest Alex Murphy from Rays The Roof

What’s the opposite of a Friday news dump?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Atlanta Braves Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

I spent all weekend trying to find silver linings from a woeful week on the road for the week that saw them lose six games, four of them in walk-off fashion. Tyler Glasnow could miss a large majority of the regular season, and all of baseball seems to be in disarray after MLB sent out a memo saying that there will be a crackdown on foreign substances used by pitchers. There was plenty of news to discuss, but very little of it was good.

That was until the Rays called up consensus #1 prospect Wander Franco late Sunday afternoon, stating that he would join the team in St. Petersburg for the start of a home series against the Boston Red Sox.

Although the decision was undoubtedly more calculated, bringing up the most talented prospect in franchise history for a series against a division rival that just recently passed you in the standings can fill any fan with excitement. If you remember the last time a Rays shortstop prospect debuted against the Rays, it went swimmingly.

Joining me on this week’s episode is Alex Murphy of Rays the Roof and Rays Colored Glasses.

We discuss what position Wander will play immediately, and what moves might need to be made before July 31st because of his promotion. We also talk about the losing streak, although most of our sorrow was washed away by the news, and how the team is constructing the pitching staff minus Tyler Glasnow.

Overall, it was a rollercoaster of an episode, but that’s the week it’s been.