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Wander Franco Open Thread

In which we indulge in all manner of Wander Porn

Atlanta Braves v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The long wait is over. Happy Wander Franco Day, everybody! Local stingray is swooning!

Here are some Wander stories to get you through the day. Drop your own in the comments and we’ll update this post as the day goes along.

Wander’s call up.

If you’re going to the game today — and judging from Twitter, a lot of you are — Wander merch will be available.

Also from Topper, expect Wander to be ready.

Wanna feel old?

From Michael Baumann at the Ringer: Franco unlike any prospect in baseball.

From Adam Berry and Jesse Sanchez: Wander Franco time is now.

From Kiley McDaniel: Wander set to make a splash.

Where Wander falls in youngest debuts.

From Chris Bumbaca, What to expect from Franco.

Wander fantasy chat with Eno.

Finally, from our friends at Rays the Roof.

For the gamers out there:

Some relationship advice: