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Rays Your Voice: ASG Voting, and the first week with Wander, guest Darby Robinson

I apologize to the Martin Maldonado Fan Club.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

With Phase 1 of All-Star voting wrapping up, leaving the defending American League Champions with zero finalists, Darby Robinson and I discuss what the issues are with the current voting setup, and come up with some ideas to change the process. We also present Mike Zunino’s case for stardom or at least demand that he is recognized more than Martin Maldonado.

Wander Franco has been in the big leagues for a week now, and despite his 0-for-whatever streak, anyone who watched the games would be thoroughly impressed with his performance. He’s confident and poised at the plate, and can play a fine third base or shortstop. Darby and I talk about the energy that he’s brought to this ball club.

The Rays’ injury woes continue with Josh Fleming and Taylor Walls both heading to the IL last week, and with them being the only two out of eleven shelved players on the 10-day IL, the Rays are going to be dealing with a major roster crunch when they want to bring back arms like Chris Archer, Tyler Glasnow, and Chaz Roe. Who is first on the chopping block, or could we see some bigger names traded in the near future?