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Tampa Bay Rays News & Links: A Good Day for Team Champa Bay

Rays win, Lightning advance, USF to Super Regionals

Washington Nationals v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The Rays knocked off the Nats 3-1 last night in a game where they walked 69 times and left 420 runners on base. But a win is a win, right? Combined with the Red Sox loss, the Rays are now a game and a half in front of Boston in the AL East. They finish off the Washington miniseries tonight at 7.

Also in Team Champa Bay news, the Lightning knocked off the Carolina Hurricanes to advance to the semifinals, where they will face either the Bruins or the Islanders.

In yet more Team Champa Bay news, the USF Bulls baseball team moves on to the College World Series Super Regionals for the first time.

Brian Kenny on why the Rays are good.

Rays are returning to the tank! Along with the Touch Experience!

DRB Contributor Andrea Arcadipane has a new gig with NBC Sports EDGE Baseball. Here she is talking with Matt Williams about Vladdy Jr., wherein she is right and he is wrong.

Willy Adames and Tyler Glasnow talk with Chris Rose.

A fun piece on the Rays other uber prospect, Vidal Bruján.

Evan Longoria is going to miss some serious time with a shoulder injury, which is a shame because he’s been having a nice rebound season. Also, that is one sweet rainbow sleeve he was rocking for Pride month.

Former first round pick (4th overall) Riley Pint is retiring at 23 after battling injuries and inconsistency.

A cautionary tale for those of us champing at the bit for a Wander promotion.

That was properly struck.

Well, this is embarrassing.

On the other hand, it sure looks like Bobby Witt Jr. touches home here.

More drip drip in the Astros cheating scandal.

The Seattle Mariners covered several GoPro camera around their dugout at Minute Maid Park with towels, Martino reports. The Tampa Bay Rays asked MLB to be on the lookout for Houston players wearing vibrating Band-Aids during their 2019 playoff series against the Astros.

A primer on the sticky stuff scandal.

How are you gonna come out here for a press conference about the sticky stuff scandal, and give that answer when you are asked point blank if you use it? Customs! Passed down through generations! Like Spider Tack is a freaking heirloom.

Eno Saris with the correct take regarding the sticky stuff scandal.

An interesting reading on sticky stuff.

The media returned to the field yesterday.

Lastly, some puppies. Which one is Willy Adames?