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Who’s On Worst: The Fan

This dark De Niro thriller sure is something.

1996 Robert DeNiro Stars as a fan whose obsession with his favority celebrity turns deadly”.

A superstar slugger in a slump. An over-invested fan who happens to be a knife salesman. Rising conflict, a rain-soaked final scene. An Oscar winner. These are the elements that make up the 1996 psychological baseball thriller The Fan.

Darby, Brett, and Ashley muddled through this Robert De Niro/Wesley Snipes rollercoaster and asked the really important questions like: “can anyone actually get across San Francisco in mid-day traffic in that amount of time?” and “Is this the best Ellen Barkin has ever looked?”

In a bit of perfect timing, shortly after recording the episode, Ashley did a Home Run Derby podcast with SBN and John Kruk was the celebrity guest, so we have a bit of bonus content with Kruk chatting about his experience on the film’s intense final scene.

Love it or hate it The Fan is certainly a unique ride, and we hope you’ll like the episode about it.