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Tyler Glasnow expected to undergo Tommy John surgery

A devastating blow to the Rays pitching staff

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tyler Glasnow is expected to undergo Tommy John surgery, per a report from Jeff Passan of ESPN.

There is still a small possibility that Glasnow can still rehab through the injury without undergoing the knife, but it’s being reported that Glasnow is slated to undergo Tommy John surgery sometime next week.

Glasnow had been among the best pitchers in all of baseball this season, compiling a 2.66 ERA / 2.76 FIP over 88 innings pitched and 14 starts. Opponents were hitting just .176 off of him this season, while striking out 36.2% of the time.

During his outing on June 14th against the Chicago White Sox, Glasnow departed after just four innings, despite being effective for the duration of the start. The reason for Glasnow’s premature departure was some discomfort he felt in his arm. It would be diagnosed as ‘right elbow inflammation’ following the game. It would later be determined that his UCL was partially torn, but Glasnow chose to rehab through the injury instead of undergoing the knife.

Glasnow was candid about why he thinks he suffered the injury and didn’t shy away from blaming Major League Baseball, who started enforcing that pitchers could no longer use sticky substances on the mound, leading to Glasnow having to grip the ball harder.

“I one hundred percent believe that contributed to me getting hurt, no doubt,”

“I woke up the next day and was like, ‘I am sore in places I didn’t even know I have muscles in.’ I felt completely different. I switched my fastball grip and my curveball grip. I’ve thrown it the same way for however many years I’ve played baseball and I had to change it.”