All-Star Team like its a video game and I have all the picks FanPost

Truly thought this could be a lot of fun but every time I find myself doing something like this it ends up being very very vanilla.... I think the players that have my heart and are not Rays just aren't all-stars this year...

SP: J. DeGrom (Honestly probably don't need any other arms)
SP: L. Lynn (fun as heck right now)
SP: B. Woodruff (earned this spot)
SP: M. Scherzer (personal choice)

1B: V. Guerrero Jr (Has to be right?)
2B: M. Semiem (I tried to avoid it but the other close ones just weren't it...)
3B: R. Devers (this one hurts dang redsox....)
SS: T. Turner (right guy for this spot.)
RF: N. Castellanos (need some fire!)
CF: C. Mullins (I mean every team needs an underdog right?)
LF: K. Schwarber (Resurgence is worth this spot)
C: B. Posey (same idea, great year from an old soul!)

RP: J. Hader (nasty)
RP: C. Kimbrel (nasty)
RP: L. Hendricks (nasty)
RP: M . Melancon (old fantasy stalwart with a resurgence)

^^^ No longer being deeply involved in fantasy baseball probably results in me leaving off some of the nastiest relievers that aren't closers I'm sure

Bench: S. Ohtani (you thought I was going to leave him off?)
Bench: M. Olson (deserved a shot)
Bench: J. Gallo (cause why not)

^^^ The last two bench spots were the hardest to not pick Rays players because of there being so many people I actively did not want to pick.

Manager: J. Maddon (see how I snuck a "No rays" exemption in there? Still my guy)

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