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Rays 0 Twins 12: Another one to forget

Bavaria weather
This has nothing to do with the game but it’s very calming
Photo by Angelika Warmuth/picture alliance via Getty Images

I hope our readers will forgive me for a recap that fails to recap the game.

I started out in the first inning keeping careful track of who hit what, when, and how.

But midway through the first inning I lost track of the Twins runs. Well, I figured, I’d figure it out after the Rays had put a few on the board. But that never happened. And then I wondered how much Rays fans were eager for a blow by blow account of twelve unanswered Twins runs. Not many, I figured.

So forget the recap. The Rays pitchers fooled no one, their hitters were off balance and failed to put up a single threat.

Some thoughts on watching the Rays get absolutely pummeled tonight:

  • Sometimes pitchers get unlucky, but Wacha was not unlucky in the first inning. The Twins had four batted balls with exit velocity over 100 mph. Ouch
  • If you ever need to explain the difference between control and command, Wacha’s performance could be your case in point. His “control” was fine - just one walk, not many deep counts. But his pitches were largely over the heart of the plate. We can assume that Wacha doesn’t WANT to throw pitches over the heart of the plate. We can assume that Francisco Mejia is not setting up his glove to induce him to throw over the heart of the plate. So clearly he is TRYING to throw six inches in a different direction and failing. That’s what we call poor command.
  • This is Wacha’s third terrible start in a row.
  • While there is no denying a terrible start is a terrible start, perhaps he can take some comfort from having been much less terrible after the first inning and ultimately giving them five innings.
  • Having two games in a week in which your starting pitcher becomes roadkill and you are pretty much toast by the fourth inning isn’t a great feeling. For all the strengths that the Rays do have, it would be nice to have a starting rotation that didn’t have these obvious gaps.
  • We still don’t know Ryan Yarbrough’s status vis a vis the COVID IL. With no off days in the coming week, it would be nice to get him back.
  • We’ve loved seeing the Rays on fire offense over the past two series but tonight was clearly a night off. A couple of hits erased by double plays. Maeda only gave up one walk. Few balls were hit hard. About the least productive offensive night we’ve seen from this team in a few weeks
  • First baseman Jordan Luplow earned the coveted “position player pitching” spot this time out. He did no worse than any other Rays pitcher.
  • Losing to Rocco Baldelli’s Twins is less painful than losing to the Red Sox.
  • It’s all about series wins, so hopefully Rays will manage that feat tomorrow.
  • At least Tropical Storm Fred is leaving us alone.