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Tampa Bay Rays News And Links: Franco and Cruz shine

Wander’s breakout is real and it’s spectacular

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Tampa Bay Rays v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Rays knocked off the Phillies yesterday, backed by some solid pitching, timely hitting, and great defense. Wander Franco had his best defensive day since his call up, and Nelly Cruz — playing his first day at first base in a game that didn’t involve a softball — was rock solid.

Oh, and Cruz also drove in the winning runs. Not a bad day for the old man!

The series continues tonight at 7:05 PM

Mike Petriello on Wander’s breakout.

This is fun. It’s the original scouting report on the then-fourteen year old Miggy Cabrera.

Feds: Ex-Angels staffer Eric Kay used Tyler Skaggs as middleman to deal drugs to multiple MLB players.

The Athletic on fan interaction in the time of COVID. Brett Phillips makes an appearance.

“Even on the road,” Phillips affirmed. “Yes, we get worn out, but if you smile, give them some baseballs, they’ll say you were a great sport. ‘We are now fans of Brett Phillips because you took the time.’ New York fans have given me the most trouble … the first time I went they were flicking me off, but by the second time they were chanting ‘Brooklyn Brett.’”

It’s a little weird how the Pham/Slapdick trade became the Cronenworth trade, but it is proof that sometimes the unexpected happens. Anyway, the proper Rays fan response is to be happy for Jake.

Javy Baez became the main character on Twitter last night.

Eno Sarris on the spin rate battle.

If you’re up for a good hate read, this piece from Tom Verducci checks all the right boxes.

How Wade Boggs became the Chicken Man.

Padres dismiss pitching coach and DRays legend Larry Rothchild. I’m sure that will fix things.

The Phillies also made some changes. Looks like Sam Fuld is safe for the moment.

Palate cleanser: This doggo is definitely a wizard.