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FanPost Friday: Your best experience at a competitor’s stadium

Or even just with an opposing team’s fans.

Busch Stadium SetNumber: X77764 TK1 R2

I think most fans of a baseball team have positive experiences at their hometown stadium (if they’ve been lucky enough to attend a game in person). We’re usually just so happy to be present in the hallowed halls of our chosen team and see where those games happen in real life, that everything feels delightful and happy. It’s easy to have a good time when you’re on your home turf.

But sometimes you go to a game at another team’s stadium, or have an encounter in some other way with the fans or players of another team, that leave us feeling warm and happy and welcomed. Did you go to a game wearing Rays apparel and engage in some friendly chit-chat with locals? Perhaps you shared drinks with competing fans at a bar. Maybe you just got some great tips on how to dine like a local from someone who you sat next to at a game (props to the guy from Baltimore who directed me to L.P. Steamers for crabs when I talked to him at an Orioles game).

In this week’s FanPost Friday we want to hear about a great experience you had at an opposing team’s park, or just with an opposing team’s fans, that helped make you feel welcome when you weren’t on your home turf. We’ll also gladly hear about any time you helped make visiting fans feel welcome at the Trop.

Head over to the FanPost section, select “New Post” on the left, and then relieve your best, happiest fandom memories with us!