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Kevin Kiermaier finds, keeps Blue Jays scouting report on Rays hitters

The notes were from the catcher and contained the Blue Jays scouting report on Rays batters.

Last night Kevin Kiermaier found an important piece of paper lying on the ground.

It happened on a slide into home plate, and while sitting in the dirt KK looked down to find a small piece of folded paper sitting next to him.

What happened next is exactly what any baseball player in the league would do, but the Blue Jays are upset nonetheless!

This bit of news comes from some quality reporting from SportsNet’s Arash Madani, who pieced together the anonymous quotes and events.

Kevin Kiermaier was... verbose in his description of events, logically explaining that upon looking down he first thought the piece of paper was his own notes.

The Blue Jays evidently tried to retrieve the notes by sending the local bat boy to the home dugout, but the Rays (rightfully) turned him away empty handed.

Here’s the moment the paper fell from the catcher Kirk:

SportsNet reached out to Rays President Erik Neander about the story pre-game and he didn’t know what they were talking about, which is even funnier.

You can read the full story at here.

No Rays other than Kiermaier have spoken about the incident thus far, but the team social account did try having fun with the situation... for a couple minutes.