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Rays 11 Red Sox 10: Holy hell what just happened

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

So first the bad news. Because of work and family conflicts we do not have anyone writing a recap of this ABSOLUTELY INSANE 5 hours of baseball.

But all is not lost. Just as the Rays came together as a team pull this victory out of the trash heap of defeat — everyone contributed! — we are asking you as a community to help create a group recap in the comments.

You can confess in which inning you gave up, and then which inning drew you back in.
What were your favorite moments? Was it Wander being Wander? Two sort of inside the park homers by two of the slowest runners on the team?

And what was with that balk? Are intentional balks a thing now? Do they think the Red Sox have an elaborate second base sign stealing operation going on?

And I wonder what things look like over on the Red Sox blogs?

Have at it folks and sorry we don’t have an actual recap.

Oh and by the way the Yankees lost. By a lot.