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Rays Your Voice: Cole Wilcox and Nick Schnell talk minor leagues and Diamonds in the Rough

What’s it like to be a minor league ballplayer?

With an ongoing lockout, there is very little news at the Major League level, so for this week’s episode I talked to Rays prospects Cole Wilcox and Nick Schnell. While rehabbing from injuries last season, Wilcox and Schnell decided to create a podcast that would become a space for minor league players like themselves to hang out and chat about baseball and life. Guests on the show include prospects like Caleb Sampen of the Rays and Reid Detmers of the Angels.

Wilcox and Schnell both played for Low-A Charleston this season, a team that went on to win the championship at their level. Schnell was a first round pick for the Rays in 2018, and Wilcox was drafted in the third round by San Diego in 2020 before being traded to the Rays in the Blake Snell deal later that year.

During the show, the guys talk about their careers up to this point, and what they’re looking to accomplish in 2022 and beyond. We talk about what went into the decision to start a podcast and what it’s been like to sit down with some of their on-field colleagues.

While the lockout continues, I hope to have some more content creators on the show that contribute to our Rays online community. There will also be a new episode of Who’s on Worst dropping this week, with Darby and Ashley reviewing Sam Raimi’s For Love of the Game.