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Who’s On Worst: For Love of the Game

This one is sure to be divisive.

Kevin Costner Stars In The New Movie For Love Of The Game Photo Universal Photo By Getty Images

We’re back!

When we took to Twitter several months ago to propose watching For Love of the Game, the responses were mixed, to say the least. Many were all for having the Sam Raimi (!!) flick about an aging Detroit Tigers pitcher included in our “worst of” discourse. Others unabashedly loved the movie and had no interest in hearing it get thoroughly roasted.

But since this, the third film in the unofficial Kevin Costner Baseball Trilogy was included in my original post about the worst baseball films of all time (the post that subsequently became the Who’s on Worst podcast), there was simply no avoiding its inevitable episode.

So now is the moment when Darby, Brett, and I look at what worked (the baseball!) what didn’t (the romance!) and determine whether this movie is worth your time or if you should just rewatch Moneyball. Incidentally, you will also get to experience all three of us having a complete breakdown over bread in a glass of milk, and the only time in this podcast’s history I wish we shared the video version with you all.