Possible Full time Rays Stadium sites

With the Montreal garbage now out of the way, let's look at three possible full time Rays Stadium sites here:

(Note: it MUST have either a Dome or Retractable Roof with it)

1) Ybor - This has been the one many have talked about already. As you see here, closest to Downtown Tampa and this is the site could be revisited again.

2) Old Tampa Greyhound Track - I like this one because its right off 275 on Waters Coming from the South (St Petersburg, Downtown Tampa, Manatee, etc) and you get out at Bird Street. Good accessibility from Downtown Tampa, St. Petersburg and points North and South. Coming from the North from Pasco/Hernando (via I-75), you would have to get off on Busch Blvd on 275 and get to Nebraska South to the Stadium site. The land is in place now to make it happen. They can get that area cleaned up and make it nice for the people getting in and out of that site. This is one that could work as an alternative to Ybor.

3) Fairgrounds area - This area has been talked by Hillsborough County for a while now. We all know about the accessibility of I-4/I-75 being close by, along with Hard Rock Casino there. You could have a pedestrian bridge that could link the new Rays Stadium to Hard Rock Casino. This would be a boom for the casino, especially on Gamedays. You get the folks from Orlando, Lakeland, Kissimmee. The down side, you might lose the Pinellas/Manatee/Sarasota crowds that could come to that site, also too far from Downtown and the business hubs there. The question would be where on the Fairgrounds would you be able to put it?

All three sites make sense here. My personal favorite would be the site of the Old Tampa Greyhound Track.

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