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GDT: ALCS and NLCS games

American League Championship Series Game 3: Houston Astros v. Boston Red Sox Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The NLCS will be Padres vs Phillies, just like everyone expected. (By the way, notice that when the division winning Rays were eliminated by an inferior WC Red Sox team last year it was just fine but now that Dodgers are out then clearly the format has to be changed?)

The ALCS will be Astros vs winner of the NY-CLE game (I’m writing this before the game starts). If Cleveland wins, I predict that the Wild Card series will be replaced with a coronation ceremony next year.

I’ll be watching, wondering how to spend my refund from the ALDS tickets I bought for Tropicana Field.

We’ll keep this thread up throughout the league series, share your thoughts here.