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Rays Your Voice: Impending Free Agents, Future Offensive Outlook, guest Darby Robinson

Will the Rays bring back any of their veteran free agents?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve reached the offseason sooner that we would have liked, and as the few remaining teams fight over the Commissioner’s Trophy we can shift one eye towards the winter, where the Rays will surely be busy. To deliver the postmortem for the season and discuss how the Rays may look to build their 2023 lineup, I am joined by Darby Robinson.

We debate whether the transition on the position player side of the roster this year worked and whether those who underwhelmed should get another chance next season. We also take a look at the one-year, $50 million contract offer the Rays reportedly offered Bryce Harper before he joined the Phillies, and what it tells us about how the front office attempts to acquire top-level talent.

To end the show we go over each impending free agent (Kevin Kiermaier, Mike Zunino, David Peralta, and Corey Kluber), and ‘Rays’ our voices about which ones could be back in St. Pete come April.