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Playoff Podcast Series: ALWC Preview

Who will make the 26-man roster?

Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

The Playoff Podcast Series is back! To kick off what is hopefully an eventful October, Darby, Cole, and myself take a look at the Rays' first opponent, the Cleveland Guardians. Built on stellar pitching, rock-solid defense, and a lineup that strikes out less than any team in baseball, the Guardians are no pushover. We discuss the starting pitchers that we are likely to see this weekend, and what the Rays need to do to advance to the ALDS and play the Yankees.

The roster is shrinking back to 26 players for the postseason and the Rays have a couple of tough decisions to make, especially on the pitching side of things. We debate whether or not veteran starter Corey Kluber (who won a Cy Young in Cleveland and started Game 7 of the World Series for them in 2016) will make the cut.

To wrap up the show, we give our full postseason predictions, which will surely be up in flames by Saturday evening. No matter who wins, this is shaping up to be an eventful, star-studded postseason.

In place of our traditional instant reaction podcasts, we will be hosting Twitter Spaces after each Rays postseason game on the DRB Twitter account. Spaces will allow us to go live immediately after the game and also take listener questions and comments. The recording from Spaces will then be published as a podcast episode the next day, so make sure you are subscribed to or follow our podcast network to catch every episode.