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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Things are getting serious

MLB and MLBPA to start meeting regularly, electronic wristbands in college ball, and Homer at the Bat turns thirty

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Looking for some baseball while this lockout drags on? We recommend you tune in to some college ball, which got underway over the weekend. Also, thirty years ago yesterday, Homer at the Bat debuted, and it always worth a rewatch. You can stream it on Disney+.

From CBS, a timeline of the lockout so far.

Per Jesse Rodgers of ESPN, the two sides plan to meet multiple times, beginning today.

When the two sides met last week, the MLBPA proposal was not well received.

The owners officially canceled the first batch of Spring Training games.

The MPBPA was quick to remind everyone that this was a choice by the owners, and that MLB could end the lockout anytime they wanted to.

The players also threw down the gauntlet on expanded post season.

A long thread from Dan Szymborski on what a revenue sharing system that actually addressed competitive balance would look like.

An interesting piece in the Guardian on the secret heroes that helped break the color barrier.

A good story on Tyler Zombro’s recovery.

Kiley McDaniel gives his 2022 farm system ranks.

Eno Saris with his 2022 starting pitcher rankings.

Eric Kay found guilty in the Tyler Skaggs case. Multiple players testified in the case.

After intense testimony from Matt Harvey, his old manager Terry Collins gave a fine demonstration of why a lot of people choose to suffer in silence. This was not your story to tell, jackass.

Brittany Ghiroli of the Athletic on the hard life of a minor leaguer.

This cannot possibly be true.

This is happening in college ball.