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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: All locked out and ready to “no”

Yeah, we’re probably gonna lose some games

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MLB and the MLBPA met for 90 minutes last Tuesday. The players offer focused on the proposed pre-arb bonus pool and service time manipulation. After promising a counter offer, the owners instead requested assistance from a federal mediator. The MLBPA response to the mediation request was a very predictable “nope!” MLB’s response to the nope was also predictable.

But, in an interesting turn of events, Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh — former mayor of Boston, long time union guy, and former head of the Building and Construction Trades Council — offered assistance. Where does that leave us? Who the hell knows? But as David Laurila said:

Instead, we got this:

If you want a deep dive into the lockout, here’s a good piece from our friends at True Blue LA.

The New York Times has a piece on the short term and long term issues with the lockout.

MLBPA executive board member Andrew Miller talks with Jesse Rogers.

In other lockout miscellania, MLB suspended drug testing after the December 1st expiration of the Joint Drug Agreement.

Okay, that’s enough lockout talk. New projections from Patrick Dubuque shows Orioles rebuild going well.

Okay how about some good news? This is inspiring.

Despite graduating half the world, the Rays still have the second best system per Baseball America.

Rays legend Tim Beckham inks a minor league deal with the Twins.

Minor league umpires are getting a raise.

AAA baseball season expanded to 150 games.

Tyler Glasnow update.

Say what you will about Stu, but at least he’s not Monfort.

The last Montreal Expo retired last week.

Who is this kid, anyway?

Joe West has officially retired.

Hall of Really Good guy Adrián González retired. Though he has not played in the majors since 2018, he has spent the last several years playing in Mexican.

Update on the Eric Kay trial in the death of Tyler Skaggs.


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