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Let There Be Baseball!

MLB and MLBPA finally come to an agreement to end the 99 day lockout

Tampa Bay Rays Vs. Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park In ALDS Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

With yet another (fake) deadline looming, the players finally came to an agreement with the owners on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Let’s craft a Twitter history to see how it went down.

After Wednesday’s negotiations fell apart, which led MLB to remove another few series from the calendar and push Opening Day back to April 14th.

In spite of the bad blood, the two sides were back at it Thursday.

The main hangup seemed to be what to do with International players, who were very opposed to a draft.

The first big break of the day came with an agreement regarding International players.

The second big break came when ESPN’s Jeff Passan had his account hacked in an offer to the baseball and/or NFT gods.

Did it work? Well, we did inch closer to an offer.

Oh hey, look!

What did the offer look like? Dare I say, promising?

Oh no! Another deadline!

Like every other offer from ownership, it looked like they tried to sneak another poison pill into this one.

Regarding the vote:

Oh no! The two-yard line!

I swear to god if they Mets this up...

Two poison pills??? This is not good.


The Executive Committee is against it, what we later learned to be 8-0. Meanwhile, team union rep votes trickled in.

So the Mets and Scott Boras are the villains. We’re playing all the hits today!

Passan is back!

Let’s check the numbers.

Goose is all of us.

So when do we get to play?

More on the vote totals.

So what’s in this thing?

Oh and you can look forward to some interesting changes next year, like way fewer games against the Yankees and Red Sox.

More to follow. But isn’t this enough for now? Happy baseball, everybody!

Oh, one last thing for you worry warts.

Baseball is back, baby!