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Rays Your Voice: Which young pitcher could join the Rays bullpen in 2022? Guest Ben Whitelaw

Is Colby White the next member of the Stable?

Three days of lineups and box scores are in the books, spring training is well underway. No rostered pitchers have taken the mound yet this spring, as they are being given more time to ramp up after the lockout. That makes this the perfect time to take a deep dive into some of the names we have seen, and I welcomed RBLR’s Ben Whitelaw on the show to do just that.

Before Ben gets to raising his voice about the young arms that have impressed him, we take a look around at the signings and trades that have been made post-lockout, including Freddie Freeman choosing the Dodgers over the Rays. We discuss how the moves made (and not made) by the teams trying to knock the Rays from atop the AL East mountain, and who is the favorite to win the division as things stand.

Let me know what you guys would like to hear on the DRB Podcast Network leading up to Opening Day.