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Tampa Bay Rays News & Links: Still locked out

MLBPA’s latest proposal goes over like a lead balloon.

MLB: Lockout The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

MLBPA’s latest proposal went over like a lead balloon, with MLB saying in some areas went backwards, a point that was strenuously denied by the Players Association. In the MLBPA’s proposal was allowing the league to make rules changes as early as the 2023 season, specifically: the ability for the commissioner to put in a pitch clock, larger bases, and restrictions on the shift.

Note: Do not believe reports that the players “agreed” to anything. No one thing is agreed upon until the whole package is agreed upon. A good thread from Eugene Freedman on the subject.

Jesse Rodgers with a rundown on the latest non-news.

MLB looks to nix the Rule 5 draft.

Jeff Passan with a plea for listening.

Tread carefully, as this update is from the not always reliable Bob Nightengale.

Update from league propagandist ownership shill MLB Network “Insider” Jon Heyman.

A look at what those larger bases might look like.

Eugene Freedman on the possibility of impasse (worth noting as MLB has floated the word “deadlocked”) and whether MLB is likely to use replacement players.

And if you don’t want to read six different stories, R.J. Anderson has a solid, summary rundown.

From Maury Brown at Forbes, has Rob Manfred lost control?

The MLBPA is launching a fund to assist workers affected by the lockout.

Fans in Philly sue over ticket refunds.

Pinellas judge rules on Rays minority owner lawsuit.

Apparently it’s not a good thing to be a Jake with the Rays.

A pup and a kitty enjoying the view in Paris.