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Who’s On Worst: Bad News Bears

No, not that one.

Bad News Bears New York City Premiere - Outside Arrivals Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

Remakes are very rarely a good idea.

Sometimes they can be a fun homage to the original, as many say the more recent Evil Dead is, and other franchises will treat them as a soft reboot rather than an outright remake. But more often than not what we see is studios looking to make a fast buck with minimal effort by rehashing a property they already own the rights to.

That latter scenario is on full display in Bad News Bears 2005. A film that has no idea who its audience is, and doesn’t necessarily seem to care, looking to cash in on the success of Billy Bob Thornton’s turn in Bad Santa.

Is it the worst movie we’ve ever watched for this podcast? Absolutely not. Is it the last Bad News Bears movie we’ll watch for this podcast? Probably not. But it’s certainly a movie we watched, and if you think listening to us talk about it is more fun than watching it, then you’d definitely be right.