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Rays Your Voice: What’s your biggest fear with the 2022 Rays? Guest Jamal Wilburg

What will it take to get the Rays firing on all cylinders?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago Cubs David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s Rays Your Voice, I am joined by Jamal Wilburg to try and make sense of the Rays’ recent slump. After Cole and I predicted the Rays would win five of seven games against the Athletics and White Sox, I needed to be brought back down to Earth. I guess that’s what starting the season against the Orioles can do to a fan.

Jamal and I also sing the praises of Shane McClanahan, whose improved curveball may be moving him closer to ace status. With other injuries to the pitching staff, are the Rays as deep this year as they have been in previous years? Jamal and I talk about contingency plans for an already maligned staff.

We finish the show by sharing our biggest fears with the 2022 Rays, besides further pitching injuries. The panic button is still nowhere near our desks, but having seen the Rays are mere mortals, what is their Achilles’ heel? Where do they lack that the teams in an ever-competitive AL East can exploit? And how likely is it that these fears become reality?

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