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Rays Your Voice: Are Rays tickets too expensive? Guest Jared Ward

How will the Rays fare in the Wild, Wild West?

Baltimore Orioles v. Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Carlson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of Rays Your Voice I’m joined by DRB Senior Writer Jared Ward to take stock of the team as they head out to the West Coast to start the month of May. We discuss the slightly surprising news that Josh Lowe was optioned to AAA Durham after a sluggish start to his first season in the big leagues.

We also give out some April superlatives and take a look around the rest of the division to see how the standings are shaping up.

To end the show, I ‘Rays’ my voice about ticket prices. There was lots of discussion regarding expensive tickets for a weekend series between the Rays and Red Sox last weekend. Are the Rays restricting attendance? Are they charging too much for tickets?

Jared also talks about the production levels from this offense, even when it seems like the Rays are slumping at the plate.

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