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Tampa Bay Rays News & Links: Slapgate

Rays salvage a split with the Yankees, and Tommy Pham slaps Joc Pederson over fantasy football. No, really.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Rays put together a decent 4-2 week, getting a mini-sweep of the Marlins and a split in a four game series with the Yankees. They now sit at 28-19, 4.5 games behind the Yankees. They kick off a four game Texas road trip today against the Ranger before coming home to host the White Sox for a three game set.

Our own Brian Menéndez at BPro on Sugar Shane.

Topper on swing changes from KK and Brett Phillips.

Has Yankees beat writer Lindsey Adler been converted by the Trop?


Todd Kalas with a CSW shoutout.

A scary incident with Kurt Suzuki.

He seems to be fine now.

Tricia Whitaker on Jean Ramirez, suicide, and difficult conversations.

Not only is KK sneaky, he’s also teaching the next generation to be sneaky.

The puzzle of Stanton.

Topper on Brooks Raley, who grew up Uvalde, Texas, site of last week’s elementary school massacre.

In protest of the nation’s response to gun violence, Gabe Kapler will no longer be joining the rest of the Giants for the national anthem. He wrote about his feelings on his website.

Locked on Rays interviewed Rays prospect Grant Witherspoon.

This is fun.

Speaking of fun, Emma Baccellieri on Brett Phillips.

Phillies gonna Philly, Part 69

Rick Nafe, a long time Tampa Bay sports executive, passed at the age of 70.

Bizarre incident at the Reds - Giants game on Friday. An altercation between Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson caused a pregame bench clearing non-brawl. It was later learned that the incident was Pham slapping Pederson.

Pederson gave a very detailed explanation of what happened. Spoiler alert: it was over fantasy football.

Pederson later brought the receipts, including the gif that pissed off Pham.

This is the gif.

Pham was suspended for three games, which he did not appeal.

Okay, we really need a palate cleanser after all that. How about this: Squirrel delay!

Somebody is gonna need a tetanus shot after that. Go Rays!